Specialist SEO Marketing

Recent organic results in Google include:

  • Number 1 result for keyword “Gas Jobs”
  • Number 1 result for keyword “Food Jobs”
  • Number 1 result for keyword “Recruitment Advertising”
  • Number 1 result for keyword “Recruitment SEO Specialist”
  • Number 1 result for keyword “Online Recruitment Research”

We are at team of dedicated & driven SEM specialists with over 10 years experience gained working on 30+ clients in the travel, advertising, property and recruitment sectors.

Focused upon maximising the visibility of client sites through organic and paid search. We keep up to date with industry news by reading www.seomoz.org and enjoy learning more advanced SEO techniques at www.seo-theory.com.

Our latest SEO campaign includes the following:

  • Intensive keyword research and analysis.
  • Website content optimisation, new content development.
  • On page optimisation including meta information, alt text, header tags, on page keyword emphasis, phrase based indexing techniques and internal linking.
  • Quality link building through competitive analysis, advanced search queries in search engines, directory/article links, social media linkbaiting.
  • Monitoring and reporting for clients each month.